Reminder: special election for school levies on Feb. 13

A Message from Communications and Community Relations

澳门六合彩app Public Schools has an operations levy and a technology capital levy on the special election ballot next Tuesday, Feb. 13.

Replacing two voter-approved levies from 2020 that expire soon, these levies pay for nearly 25% of the cost of educational services that the state does not adequately fund. The state funds what it calls a 鈥減rototypical model鈥 for K-12 public education. We do not believe its model meets our community standards for what is best for students, including to help students served in Special Education.

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If approved, these levies will continue to support many important initiatives, programs and efforts across our district. These include lowering class sizes; funding critical staff like teachers, nurses and counselors; and supporting important programs such as Special Education, Multilingual Learners and Highly Capable. These levies also fund music, athletics, safety and technology.

Did you know?

  • School levies are the only locally approved ballot measures that directly pay for classroom and educational needs of students not funded by the state.
  • For the 2023-24 school year, the district鈥檚 total expenditure for Special Education is over $33 million. Federal and state funds help support these important services, but they fall short. Our local levy contributed over $7 million dollars to Special Education.
  • We offer robust athletics and activities to students across our schools, especially at the middle and high school level. It costs over $3 million to pay for these programs. The state does not give us funding for enrichment.
  • Learn more about the levies on our webpage, , see the answers to other frequently asked questions or give us a call. If you have general questions, do not hesitate to call 360-676-6520; if you have specific questions about tax rates, please call Finance at 360-676-6500.

Vote by Tuesday, Feb. 13 and thank you!